Workshop contents and costs

Induction or refresher material could include:-

  • Overview of statutory role and powers
  • Holding to account and representing members
  • Understanding the role of the Board
  • Understanding the role of the Council
  • Keeping the governance “see-saw” in balance
  • Using the well-led framework
  • Introduction to assurance and challenging effectively

Further development material could include:-

  • Holding to account and gaining assurance
  • Representing members and the wider public
  • The role of the Council in appointing non-executive directors
  • Understanding NHS finance

Board and council development programme could include:-

  • overview of the board and council roles
  • their distinctives
  • the unitary board and the corporate council
  • holding NEDs to account for the performance of the board
  • delivering local accountability


Workshops can be full or half day and are individually priced according to the level of tailoring, number of attendees and expenses with discounts offered if more than workshop is booked.

Costs are inclusive of travel expenses but the client is required to cover all printing and hospitality costs.

Please contact us for a quotation.

Full booking terms and conditions are available upon request.