“The ability to innovate – to create some thing new and better – is a skill that organisations worldwide are looking for today.”

George Couros, “The Innovators Mindset.”

What we do

Tim and Michael Moynagh met whilst working with an innovative organisation helping to create new forms of church.  Each has extensive experience and expertise themselves and between them form a powerful practical and research-based combination.

Mike Moynagh has developed a unique 6 step framework for thinking about the practice of innovation.  Tim has been innovating most of his life, whether through his nine years as a Research Chemist,  developing his own consultancy business, or birthing new forms of church and community work.

We will lead you through an interactive process of exploring how your team, organisation or you as an individual could be more innovative and foster a culture of innovation.

We would work with you to develop some of the following benefits;

  •  A  new 6-step framework for understanding innovations backed by the latest reasearch.
  • Greater understanding of how innovation works and how you could contribute to it.
  • A tool for distinguishing between management and innovation mindsets and how they can enrich each other.
  • Suggestions to further develop your skills.
  • Tailor-made mentoring/coaching for our clients.
  • A fresh and fuller view of how organisations work.
  • Tools for understanding organisations through the relational lens of conversational dynamics.


A word of warning: that due to our conversational approach, no one can be sure what will  happen during the workshop and what will emerge as a result of it. We will join you in a voyage of discovery, during which we hope innovation  will be co-authored through our conversations and as relationship develop.



Workshop costs

Business – £1000/day plus expenses

Not for profit – £600/day plus expenses.

Mike’s biography

Based in Oxford, Dr Michael Moynagh has wide experience of researching and writing about workplace issues. From 1996 to 2013 he co-led the Tomorrow Project, which advised business and senior civil servants on long-term social and employment trends. An award-winning author, his publications include Tomorrow (2000), which included a foreword by the Prime Minister, and Working in the 21st Century (2005), which was described by the Financial Times as essential reading for policy makers and became a reference text in the Cabinet Office. Between 2009 and 2011 he advised the Economic and Social Research Council on social and business entrepreneurship. He currently advises a team, initiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, that has supported the creation of over 3000 innovative types of church in the UK.

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