Mentoring, coaching & wellbeing

“The place to start is with self-assessment and find out what are the challenges in front of you right now and why. Then ask yourself, do you have the relational resources to handle those challenges?” says Kram. If the answer is no, it may be time to seek out a mentor or several. Remember that mentoring can take many shapes and forms — the key is to find the right kind of advice from the right person at the right time.”
Amy Gallo

Tim offers mentoring, coaching or wellbeing tailored to individual or organisations needs in a variety of workplace contexts. Please contact him for more information.

“My mentoring sessions have changed my life and enabled me to enjoy the job I love again. The safe and supportive environment has enabled me to talk things through and find my own solutions”

A teacher at an 11-16 school, March 2017


“I have been a Christian for about 20 years and Tim has mentored me now for about 18 months. In that time I have ever felt more encouraged, more challenged and more enthused about discovering more of who I am in my Christian walk. Through Tim’s mentoring I am beginning to discover who I am and my role in God’s plan. Each meeting makes me feel alive with questions and discovery.”